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Totalling over 40 years of experience in sewing, design, and knitting,
Twiss & Weber discovered a parallel appreciation for their skills when a local yarn store, Wabi-Sabi, opened in October'08.
Plying their efforts in 2009, resulted in interesting, stylish, and
top of the line knitting patterns, and kits.

We are a Canadian company based in Ottawa.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Free Felted Hat Pattern

This is a great hat for winter and makes a fun gift.

Two ply is carried in our favorite yarns for felting this project: 2 skeins of Cascade 220 or 2 skeins of Brown Sheelp Lamb’s Pride Worsted.

Depending on how you block your finished project you can end up with a variety of styles: photos show a Fedora or Cloche.

Tonia has taught many Felted Cloche classes as a second step knitting class at Wabi-Sabi in Ottawa and it has always been a big hit.

The increasing and decreasing become “washed out” and if you make a wee error remember… “a lot comes out in the wash”.


Have fun felting!

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  1. no comments? but this is adorable and the model wears it so well!
    thanks for sharing:D