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Friday, February 19, 2010

Free Slipper Pattern

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Finished measurements are Child's size

Knitting with two strands of yarn the slipper is worked flat, from the heel to the toe. It is seamed, shrunk in the wash, and then formed to wear comfortably for each recipient.

The slipper is rated Easy skill level.

Child (Adult)

11sts and 15 rows with two ply yarn makes 4” / 10cm in Stockinet on US11/ 8mm needles

100 grams Cascade 220
US11 / 8mm Needles

Pattern Notes
K2tog Knit two stitch together. Decrease one stitch.
Kfb Knit front, and back into the same stitch.
Increase one stitch.
SSK Slip, Slip, Knit two together. Decrease on stitch.


Step No.1
Cast on 30 (32sts).
Knit Stockinet for 4 rows.
*K1, SSK, knit to last three stitches, K2tog K1. (28, 30sts). Purl row*.
Repeat between * until 22 (24sts).
Knit stockinet for 8 (10) rows.

Step No. 2
K1, Kfb, knit to last two stitches, Kfb, K1. (24, 26sts)
Purl row.
K1, Kfb twice, knit to last three stitches, Kfb twice, K1. (28, 30sts)
Purl row.
Knit stockinet for 8 (10) rows.

Step No.3
*K1, SSK twice, knit to last five stitches, K2tog twice, K1. (24, 26sts)
Purl 1 row*.
Repeat between * until 16 (18sts).

K2tog 8 (9) times.

Cut long tail of yarn and thread through loops.
Sew up top of foot slipper, tie up loose ends and cut yarn. Sew up back and bottom of heel forming a T shape.

Sewing up the Slipper.
Note the upside down t-shape at heel.

Place your slippers in a pillowcase and close. For the first round of felting, toss the package into the washer. Use a Tablespoon of liquid dish detergent. Put your washer on hot water wash with a cold rinse.

After the spin cycle, take slippers out and check the size. You may need to repeat this process if your slippers have not shrunk down enough. If that is the case, continue cycling your package through the washer until you are happy with the size.

If you notice that your slippers are wonky, it is easy to reshape any bumps or lumps out by hand.

Throw on a couple of rubber gloves, with a little soap submerge your slippers in hot water and rub the fibres together briskly between your hands. Repeat this process in cold water. Then, run through the spin cycle to get all the water and soap out.

When you are happy with the size and shape of your slippers, stuff each of them with a hand towel and leave them to dry overnight. It may take a little longer to dry depending on the thickness of the fibre and the effectiveness of your spin cycle. If the slippers dry and you still think they need to be smaller, just repeat the washing cycle instructions.

These slippers are going to keep someone very warm and snuggly.

Stuff slipper to mold shape and let dry.

download now

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